At Unity Yoga, we strive to offer space and guide practices that liberate and transform beyond individual barriers to a collective that can move, breathe, think, and dream freely.

Our two studio locations, Manayunk and Chestnut Hill, provide the perfect environment for our wide range of classes. From vinyasa flow and slow flow, to restorative and meditation, as well as some unique practice offerings you won’t find at anywhere else, we believe there is a yoga practice that’s perfect for Every Body.

2019 MNYK Studio Opens
2020 CH Studio Opens
2021 YTT and Recovery Yoga School Opened

Our Values

  • Unity Yoga affirms yoga for all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, and/or economic status. We acknowledge yoga’s racial inequity, the roots of yoga, and our Western relationship to it.


  • Unity’s yoga is political. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+, Women’s Choice, Defund the Police, Women’s issues, and Voting Rights.


  • We are activists for Access to Substance Use and Mental Health treatment, 42CFR part 2, and HIPPA. We are in active inquiry around inclusion and change, and intentionally work toward decolonizing the yoga industry.


  • We believe through yoga and meditation we can come together as a community and be a part of the change

commUNITY Agreements

  • Impact over intent: be mindful that what you say may impact someone over what you intended.


  • Ask for consent: before providing feedback ask if the person is open to receiving. Ask for consent before touching any student or teacher (this includes hugs).


  • Honor your needs: physically tune into the body, ask it what it needs in this moment.


  • Comfort versus safety: feeling discomfort is not the same as feeling unsafe.


  • Take space, make space: if you are part of the dominate culture, allow space for others to share.


  • Allow time for rest: we see rest as resilience we honor time for rest.