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Can't wait for my next recovery yoga class! Finding a place to practice that centers trauma-sensitivity has been a breath of fresh air. I first found Unity at a community class at a community center event in south Philly and now can't wait to try out classes at the studio with infrared heaters. Arielle was an amazing instructor that offered modifications that were perfect for my body - highly recommend her classes!

Shelly M.

Me and my roommates popped in last night for a class with Nicole. We showed up a little late, but the owner of the studio was super sweet and welcomed us up. She had us all signed up and in the class within a few minutes. None of us had been to a yoga class in quite some time and were all a little scared when we realized it was a hot yoga class. Nicole was so awesome and made sure to provide alternate positions making all of us in the class feel comfortable at whatever level we were at. After an awesome workout (read: we were all dripping with sweat) it ended with these super refreshing cold lavender cloths. Welcoming staff, inviting energy throughout the studio. Can't wait to go to another class!

Hannah S.

Awesome vibes. Plus they have recovery/trauma sensitive classes. Absolutely love this studio!!

Kristen Morris

We went to the soft opening yesterday and the Candlelight class was just fantastic! I came with a group of experienced and non-experienced (2nd time doing yoga) friends and everyone loved it. I loved the whole vibe of the studio and the class led by Melanie was great! I’m super stoked that this place is on Main Street! Looking forward to checking out more classes!

Jess Polk, Student

Took a 6am class with Sophie. She was so nice and a great instructor who played a perfect playlist during the flow. The space is really nice and the room isn’t heated by heaters on the wall that blow hot air on you ? They have some kind of floor heat. So excited for this new space on Main Street!

Catherine Stier

Really enjoyed my experience here. Their classes are great for all levels and I really appreciate the work they are doing to make this a center for healing and wellness, in addition to a great place to strengthen the body and mind through yoga.

Sheridan Earle