Workshops and Trainings

We run several different events, workshops, and trainings throughout the year. Please check back often for upcoming schedules and to register.

Upcoming Trainings

Move Your Mess with Grace Harman

Join Grace for a time of therapeutic, creative exploration for adults who are moving through difficulty and need a safe space to connect with their own body’s wisdom in community.

This is a therapeutic gathering space for adults to connect with themselves, the wisdom of their bodies and the creativity that lives within. We will begin in circle where members will be encouraged to honestly share what type of “mess” they’re bringing into class (e.g. grief, anxiety, anger, fear etc) They will then be guided through somatic and creative practices to give them the space to connect with what they carry and move it through their bodies in community. These practices may include group movement, individual, intuitively guided movement, and work with props. Members will then be invited to journal or draw on what came through for them, and we will end in circle where each person will be guided to share what they noticed and be witnessed. We will end with intentional grounding and connection to support nervous system regulation. 

Things to know:

  • While this gathering is therapeutic in nature, it is not therapy nor a place to dump emotional baggage. We ask that anyone who joins enters with openness, curiosity, and a commitment to self-responsibility.
  • Somatic work is by nature unpredictable. You will be guided through an exploration and may be surprised by the responses of your body or the material that comes through. Whatever happens for you is valid and sacred and will be honored.  
  • This is not a class nor is it a performance. Come as you are, with a journal to write in and comfortable clothing to move in. 

Grace Harman is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT), RYT-200, LPC